Bambu Organic Weaning Spoon Set

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Bamboo Weaning Spoons made from organic bamboo, sustainably harvested, free of fertilizers and pesticides, bleach free. Formaldehyde-free plant derived larcquer finish. 6.5" long, contains 2 Spoons.

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Organic Bamboo Free From Formaldehyde, Bleaches and Dyes

A new addition to the bambu kids range these spoons are perfect for your baby's first spoonfuls when you are weaning. Each utensil is made from a single piece of organically grown bamboo, then hand shaped and finished with smooth, rounded edges so that they have a beautifully soft feel, making them perfect for those first tastes. Bamboo is stronger than wood, heat and stain resistant, and won't absorb Set of two weaning spoons. Dishwasher safe however, hand washing will prolong their life.. Their extra length makes them perfect for reaching into the bottom on deep jars and containers. 6.5" long.

One pack contains 2 Weaning Spoons