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These Coconut Bowls are an eco-friendly product of nature. After being cut, cleaned & sanded they are finished with an organic coconut oil - Absolutely nothing artificial is used during the process.

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Of the billions of coconuts harvested each year for the coconut oil, water and flesh industries, 99% of their shells are discarded and burned as waste. We're up-cycling these shells into beautiful eco-friendly bowls made from real coconuts. With billions of plastic containers also ending up as landfill every year, it’s important that society begins to reject plastic solutions in favour of plant based alternatives.

Every coconut bowl is unique with its own shape, size, marking and imperfections. They're one in a billion, just like you. That means when you buy a coconut bowl, nobody else in the world will have a bowl just like yours. Now that's pretty cool, isn't it!

The coconut shells used to make the bowls are aged 10 months or older. This ensures a hard and strong shell. Each coconut bowl has a diameter of 12-14cm and a depth of approx 6cm. Each coconut bowl can balance flat on a surface. The coconut shells used to make the bowls are reclaim from plantations after the meat and water have been extracted. These coconut shells are then hand-crafted in fairtrade workshops in Indonesia and Vietnam where they are cut, clean and sanded into beautiful bowls that you can eat from. Each bowl is finished with an organic, virgin coconut oil polish - Absolutely nothing artificial is used during the process from coconut to coconut bowl, resulting in a plant-based vegan-friendly bowl. 

-Caring for coconut shell bowls is important as they are 100% natural products. By following these basic care instructions,customers will enjoy long-lasting coconut bowls.

-Hand wash with lukewarm, soapy water. Do not use in the dishwasher or soak for a long period.

-Coconut bowls are best suited to room temperature and cool foods. For warmer foods (to ensure durability), prepare the bowl for the change in temperature by frrst rinsing your bowl in lukewarm water and set aside until dry. On rare occasions, hot foods can cause the bowls to crack.

-Do not expose coconut bowls to extreme heat, and do not use in the refrigerator, microwave, oven, or dishwasher.

- Polish with virgin coconut oil (or an oil of your choice) every 10 or so uses to restore the coconut bowls smooth and shiny surface while resealing its pores.

Because coconut bowls are a product of nature, their durability cannot always be predicted.