Gluckskafer Rainbow Building Slats - 64 Piece Set

from Gluckskafer


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This tray of brightly coloured​ multi-sized wooden rainbow slats evoke endless curiosity & visual stimulation for all ages. Children will enjoy dismantling & rebuilding with this richly coloured set.

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This tray of brightly coloured multi-sized wooden rainbow slats evokes endless curiosity and visual stimulation for all ages. Children and children at heart will enjoy dismantling and rebuilding with this richly colored set, lovingly handcrafted in Europe from linden wood by family-owned company Gluckskafer. Each slat is hand-painted in a richly saturated hue with non-toxic, water-based paint.

size: pieces various lengths, 4 cm wide 1 cm deep. Tray measures 35 x 28 x 5 cm

Made from sustainable Linden tree wood. Non-toxic, water-based color. 64 pieces of different sizes.

Ages 3+, CE-ceritfied