Holztiger Bird Tree

from Holztiger


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The Holztiger Bird Tree - Part of the Woodland Animals collection, measures 20 x 20 x 2.3cm. Hand made from solid maple wood, hand painted, sealed and crafted in Europe.

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Hand made, hand painted, sealed maple wood...

Each beautiful wooden Holztiger woodland animal is hand made, hand painted and sealed, made from maple wood, crafted in Europe. Wooden animals from the Holztiger woodland collection measure from approx 3cm to 19cm long and from 5cm to 25cm tall.

  • 20cm high
  • 20cm wide
  • 2.3cm thick
  • EXCLUDES BIRDS which are sold seperately

Holztiger wooden figures are hand made in Europe entirely of wood. Wood is by nature free from pollutants and as a sustainable raw material, has no negative impact on the environment.

To meet the challenges posed by hard playroom conditions, Holztiger uses only hardwood, most of the figures are made of maple. Maple is not only hard and durable, but is also characterised by attractive graining. Dependent on the requirements, oak, beech and birch are also used as well as maple. Holztiger uses water-based acrylic stains which are totally non-toxic. The grain of the wood is still visible even after painting, so that the full character of the wood is retained. In choosing the colours for its wooden figures, Holztiger dipped into all the most colourful pots, because vibrant colours are known to awaken a child's desire for exploration and discovery. The rich colours are complemented by the friendly faces painted onto the wooden figures.

Holztiger wooden figures conform with the European Directives for Toys (DIN EN 71), which includes testing that shows they do not contain lead or other banned elements. The non-toxic stains are furthermore subject to constant quality controls by the state supervisory authorities. Over and above this, Holztiger makes additional voluntary commitments to quality and safety. For example, every wooden figure has an additional water-based satin-finish topcoat to make it resistant to perspiration and saliva.

Children learn by touching and identifying the objects around them and by imitating the actions of their elders. Initially, they explore their immediate environs, become acquainted with house pets and farm animals and then go on to discover new and unknown animals in the zoo or local forests. The identification factor of Holztiger toys with these experiences is high, allowing children to relive what they have learnt in real life or nature. And to make sure that playing and learning also stimulates a child's imagination, the forms of the figures are reduced to the minimum.

The result? Timeless and beautifully stylised wooden animals which allow a child's imagination to develop fully while playing and having fun.