Ostheimer Rabbit/Geese Hutch

from Ostheimer's Buildings range


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A horse stable with three stalls perfectly sized for the Ostheimer horses. This stable includes a loft with a ladder and mangers in each of the stalls. A wonderful hardwood stable for imaginary play!

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This little hutch by Ostheimer is perfect to house bunny rabbits, geese or chickens to open up a wonderful world of imagination in small world play.

The Ostheimer Hutch is meant to shape a beautiful surrounding for our human and animal figures, so that children will all the more immerse in creative playing. They are made from accredited plywood and stained with certified colours.
Size: 20 x 17 x 30 cm

Slight differences in colour and slight deviations in the structure of the grain are not defects, but instead contribute to the special charm and uniqueness of Ostheimer figures. The design and the colour is based on the awareness that the children must still be able to feel and experience the wood.

Their form and colour are purposely kept to a minimum so that your child's fantasy world is preserved and so that their own creative imagination inspires their play. . There is no "right" or "wrong" way to play with Ostheimer buildings or animals and therein lies the beauty of these wonderful wooden toys. Over 50 years ago Margarete Ostheimer began a collection of toys which today more than ever is justified and necessary. The collection was established fifty years ago as an alternative to a "plastic world" and is today a necessary counterweight to the "high tech world" of the playroom.