PlanetBox Satellite Dish

from PlanetBox's Leakproof containers range


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The Satellite Dish is the most brilliant invention ever - it is designed to be packed inside the PlanetBox Launch & gives the option of taking foods to heat up or wet foods that would otherwise leak.

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For Use with PlanetBox Launch

At PlanetBox they take "non-toxic, non-leaching, safe from BPA, phthalates, and lead" very seriously – in fact, it’s why they designed PlanetBox! PlanetBox products are independently tested by certified laboratories to be safe from lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, and other toxic chemicals. They source their materials very carefully, and the very reason they created their products was to offer a non-toxic way to pack lunches. When something actually works well, it makes all the difference. PlanetBox spent years studying and living how people use lunchboxes. They thoroughly thought through all the details, so you and your kids get the joy and ease of using a superbly designed product.

The Satellite Dish is designed to be packed inside the PlanetBox Launch only, and is an additional option for packing various foods inside your Launch. NOT compatible with Rover or Shuttle.

  • Built to contain wet, messy foods like dips, sauces, and yogurt,
  • Can also be used to reheat foods - microwave and oven safe.
  • The base of the Dish is made of tempered glass, and the lid is made of 100% food-safe grade silicone rubber.
  • Not suitable for use by small children without adult supervision.
  • Weight: 374 g
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 5 cm