Raduga Grez Building Set - Rainbow Castle (Battered Packaging)

from Raduga Grez~Rainbow of Dreams

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Do you want magical cities and castels to grow on your carpet? This delightful building set by Rainbow of Dreams is sure to capture the magic of your child's imagination!

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Do you want magical cities and castles to grow on your carpet? This delightful building set by Rainbow of Dreams is sure to capture the magic of your child's imagination!

Made and painted completely by hand from lime wood and Biof paints, which preserve the natural texture and feel of the wood. 43x43cm. Blocks measure 4cm thick. Complies with CE safety standards.

Rainbow of Dreams (Raduga Grez) are for the discerning parent - we create toys that are inspired by nature, fairy tales and childhood. Every piece of wood is given our loving attention as we are a family workshop. Our toys are made by hand and are free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Our toys are based on the cognitive activity of children, they inspire creative thinking, spatial awareness, sensory development and imaginative play. Our toys are open ended and suitable for all ages - at every stage a child will use the toy in their own way.

Our toys are made using lime wood and beech. The lime tree is light and ideal for playing and building with for children. It does not crack or chips. Beech we use for toys for the little ones, because it is hard and it can be gnawed. Natural wood is unique and beautiful, and it can have natural grain and knots that show this uniqueness. Like moles or birthmarks on the body of a child, they are not a defect, but show its naturalness. This is a confirmation of quality and naturalness, not a defect.

Rainbow of Dream (Raduga Grez) toys are made from real wood, without using plywood or any other gluing. Our toys are tactile, velvet in texture. This is due to the fact that we do not cover our toys with lacquer. Due to this feel of the natural wood the tactile hunger of the child is filled, the un-lacquered finish makes it is make it easier to build and stack, giving the blocks friction, but everything is safe and without splinters. All toys are pass CE testing and the colours and oils used comply with EN71.

We value the beauty of the Earth, natural materials and protecting the earth for our future generations, and these values are reflected in the manufacturing of our toys. In an environment where everything in the world is produced in China, we wanted to emphasize the fact that we went the other way. For our toys, we use Russian wood and the skill of our carpenters. The wood used on our toys is from a renewable resource, where trees are replanted to replace those which are cut down. We are glad that we started such a project and involved many local contractors from suppliers of wood, carpenters to packing and sewing bags by mothers - this is a good story.