Nanchen Organic Fruit & Vege Doll - Banana - 18cm

from Nanchen's Suitable From Birth range


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This sweet 18cm Waldorf Banana Doll is free from harmful substances. 100% organic cotton is used for the terry and 100% virgin wool for the filling. Handmade in Germany, suitable from birth.

Full description

These sweet little fruit and vege dolls will appeal to babies and young children alike - for babies they make a wonderful first teether and rattle, and for young children they can be incorportated into pretend play and a sweet little companion to play at day and snuggle at night.

Babies like having something in their hands, because holding something gives you the feeling of safety and encourages the sense of touch and the motor skills of very small hands. In the first few months, babies can only grasp with their whole hands, the firmer middle section and the head of the banana make it easier to pick them up and even serve as a biting surface for the baby when the gums itch.

The built-in rattle made of stainless steel makes itself felt when shaking and back and forth. Through the curved "banana" shape, the rattle lies securely in the hand and allows the next stage of discovery - the world of noise. Often underestimated is the realization for baby, that a reaction is caused by their action - that the action of their movement can create a noise, for a baby already represents a great sense of achievement.

This sweet 18 cm banana is free from harmful substances. 100% organic cotton is used for the terry and 100% virgin wool for the filling.

About the manufacturer Nanchen

You can only fall in love with the sweet little Waldorf dolls, Teething Toys and Cuddly Toys! The Nanchen-Puppen Manufaktur is located very close to Kassel and every doll is crafted there by hand! Nanchen has a distinctive manufacturing style that makes the products very popular as a gift for birth or birthday! Nanchen exists since 1983 and manufactures exclusively with cotton from controlled biological cultivation and a filling from new wool from controlled biological animal husbandry. The faces are painted by hand and kept neutral according to Waldorf model.

Material: organic cotton

Filling: organic wool

Size: 18cm

Color: yellow

washable by hand Handmade - Made in Germany